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SHARC Energy

SHARC Energy


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SHARC Energy specializes in wastewater energy transfer technology, offering innovative solutions for heating, cooling, and hot water systems across various sectors. Their approach focuses on utilizing the thermal energy available in wastewater (sewage) as a sustainable energy source. This technology, known as Wastewater Energy Transfer (WET), is designed to transfer heat energy into or out of wastewater for both heating and cooling purposes, providing an eco-friendly alternative to conventional energy methods.

Key Features and Benefits of SHARC Energy’s Wastewater Energy Transfer Technology:

Sustainability: Wastewater energy is a renewable and clean energy source. By reusing thermal energy from wastewater, SHARC Energy supports sustainable and eco-friendly energy practices.

Energy Efficiency: SHARC Energy’s technology can generate significant energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to decarbonization efforts.

Innovative Technology: SHARC Energy offers highly efficient solutions tailored for various applications, including district energy systems, commercial buildings, and industrial applications.

Cost-Effectiveness: Implementing SHARC Energy’s systems can lead to reduced operational costs and energy consumption, offering long-term financial benefits.

Award-Winning: Recognized for its contribution to the green energy sector, SHARC Energy has received multiple awards for its innovative technology and sustainable impact.

Global Installations: With over 30 installations worldwide, SHARC Energy has a proven track record of success and customer satisfaction across diverse markets and climates.

Integration and Scalability: SHARC Energy’s products are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing building systems and can be scaled to meet the needs of any project size.

SHARC Energy’s product line includes the SHARC Series and PIRANHA Series, designed for large-scale industrial applications and smaller applications, respectively. These systems are known for their high efficiency, low maintenance, and capability to significantly reduce water and energy usage. The company's commitment to sustainable energy solutions is reflected in its successful projects and the growing demand for wastewater energy projects. With a focus on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, SHARC Energy is at the forefront of wastewater energy technology, providing impactful solutions for today's energy challenges.

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